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GNQ Insilico
Our Latest Investment

In May 2024, Trenchant Technologies Capital acquired a 20% ownership interest in GNQ Insilico from parent company My Next Health Inc. Further, Trenchant holds an option to acquire up to 40% of GNQ Insilico. Read more here.  


Genomics, AI and Quantum Computing for Drug Discovery and Development

GNQ Insilico is a health tech company that is working to significantly reduce the cost, time and failure rate associated with bringing the average drug to market. Through the use of AI and quantum computing technologies, GNQ Insilico is revolutionizing the way clinical trials are administered and understood.


Currently, traditional methods of conducting clinical trials may not be sustainable, as high rates of failure exceed revenues from new drugs.

Did You Know:

It costs an estimated $161 million to $2 billion to bring a new drug to market (* fully capitalized costs inclusive of failures).

The average timeframe for bringing a new drug to market – from discovery to FDA approval – is 10-15 years.

The average new drug experiences a 90% failure rate during clinical trials.


However, significant improvements in drug discovery and development are being made possible through the intersection of genetics, AI, and quantum computing. In silico drug trials, where drug efficacy and its effects on the body are performed via computer simulation have the ability for a pharmaceutical company to run multiple trials on multiple drug candidates.  This enables these companies to better predict how these drug compounds will behaviour prior to human trials thereby reducing costs and failure rates.


GNQ Insilico, in collaboration with a leading Fortune 100 computing and data management company, is developing a unique digital biological twin based on GNQ’s proprietary genomic and AI platform, incorporating technical support including quantum computing. This platform will be co-marketed with GNQ's development partner to leading life sciences companies, many of whom are existing clients of the partner.


By combining AI-driven insights with domain expertise and a commitment to data privacy and ethical considerations, GNQ Insilico's technology platform can accelerate research processes, enhance genomic insights, and contribute to advancements in precision medicine and healthcare.

Key Advantages of GNQ Insilico's Platform
Rapid Drug Development:
In silico clinical trials enable GNQ Insilico to expedite the drug development process by simulating and predicting drug responses, significantly reducing the time required for clinical trials and the overall cost of the trials.

Improved Safety and Efficacy:
In silico clinical trials enhance our understanding of drug mechanisms, allowing for the prediction of adverse effects and optimization of drug dosages, thereby increasing safety and efficacy.

Personalized Medicine:
GNQ Insilico's generative AI platform simulates the effects of drugs across diverse profiles of human digital twins (digital replicas of real people), enabling the development of targeted therapies and facilitating personalized medicine across disparate and diverse populations.

Equitable Representation:
GNQ Insilico's drug simulation process is inherently designed to include genetic, epigenetic and lifestyle variances based on ethnic and minority populations, thereby ensuring equitable representation of underserved minorities in the drug development process. We have recently partnered with a hospital group that caters almost exclusively to the underserved communities of Flint, Michigan, Southside of Chicago, etc.

Read our Paper:

Towards Quantum Computing for Clinical Trial Design and Optimization: A Perspective on New Opportunities and Challenges

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